Generally speaking, the ideal shape of a Feng Shui house should be narrow in the front and wide in the back.  I am not referring to a bottle shape that shows an extreme narrow and wide parts of a house.  I mean the narrow and wide parts should be in proportion.  An overall square or round shape front and back is good.  The narrow front allows the chi to enter the house slowly, and the wide back of the house is able to retain the chi inside the house.  It is crucial in Feng Shui that the house is able to retain chi (in this case chi as in wealth).  Irregular shaped properties are not ideal.  For example, a triangle shape house does not retain chi (no wealth). If the triangle is with the point in the front of the house, the occupying family will have no luck.  If it is a reversed triangle with the point in the back, then the occupants may suffer from serious illnesses, fire related accidents, legal problems, or suicide possibilities. 
I'm sure I have in the past discussed about the keys points of a Feng Shui house.  There are the technicalities of Feng Shui such as ground luck, sitting and facing directions, external and internal environment (Luan Tou), etc.  There are also your common sense and gut feeling.  What I mean is, the key points to a Feng Shui house may very well be something everyone looks for in a comfortable house.  Even without the technical knowledges of Feng Shui, you can almost always feel a good and comfortable house.  A good house must be bright and airy in the living area.  This area must not be dark and stuffy, tight in space, and full of clutters.  The bedrooms must also be bright and airy, but it does not have to be as bright as the living area.  The bedrooms should be bright but it should also be warm without the excessive lights.  The bed should not face directly to the door.  Do not place your bed directly under a beam in the ceiling.  Do not hang anything over your bed.  Having something hanging over you or sleeping under a beam may cause a claustrophobic feeling.  Therefore you will feel uncomfortable and unrested.  So basically Feng Shui does require a lot of common sense.  And if you feel uncomfortable when touring a house, chances are you are not touring a Feng Shui house.  I have toured houses that I felt so uncomfortable that I wanted to leave immediately.
In Feng Shui, it is very important that your entry door does not have any damages to it.  The entry door is including the door frame that holds the door.  If you find any cracks on your entry door, you need to fix it right away.  The money god or the money fortune enter your home from the entry door, and they will turn around and leave if your door is cracked.  Not only the money fortune won't enter your home, the cracked door will actually attract the poor fortune.  The walls in your home are also important not to be cracked.  A cracked wall signifies sickness and/or accident will come upon you.  So, please fix your cracked walls. 
To continue from the last post on the topic of retail business, I would like to talk about some other important points of a retail business.  Today, many businesses choose to blast loud music inside their store in hope to attract customers.  However, it actually has an adverse effect especially in Feng Shui.  Very loud music will cause one to feel unsettling in a place because who can really handle that kind of sound level for a long period of time.  So often, customers would not stay in the store long enough to make a big purchase.  Personally, stores with loud music deter me from going in and shop.  Keep in mind in Feng Shui, noise can be a "sha" which I have talked about in the past.  On the other hand, stores with soothing music will help customers relax and stay longer in the store.  Therefore it might lead to a bigger sales.  Color is also important for a retail business.  Ideally, the color should match the owner's birthday, store location, the element of the products being sold.  It can get complicated on the selection of color if you want to go the full extend according to Feng Shui.  But as a general rule, do not use too many red color as you should have learned that red might cause one to have a temperament issue.  You do not want your customers to lose their patience while shopping, therefore leads to no sale.  Size of entry doors is important for a retail business.  You should have bigger doors instead of smaller doors.  You want the positive money energies to enter the store without any issues.  Also do not have displays or shelvings blocking the entry way.  Again this is to ensure the entry of the good money energies.  The goal is to achieve a smooth flow of positive money energies entering the store and staying in the store.
When it comes to retail businesses especially the types that depend on foot traffic and volume business, they need to be in a location that is satuated with people.  That of course sounds obvious.  The Feng Shui reason for that is when there are many people in one place, the liveliness of the people will bring positive and Yang energies to the place.  Therefore the place will become busy for businesses.  On the other hand, there are other businesses that are more suitable to be located in a location that is less satuated with people and more Ying energy heavy.  Those are the busiesses that do not depend soley on foot traffic.  For example, specialty restaurants (with famous dishes), home design showrooms, florists, bridal shops, funeral homes, etc.  People will find those businesses based on needs, purposes, and referrals.  For example, a convenience store needs to be located on a busy street that is Yang heavy with tons of foot traffic.  Because people do not go looking for a specific convenience store to buy a bottle of soda.
Earlier in the year, I wrote a few posts about the current year's flying stars.  In the posts, I talked about the stars' positives and negatives.  In this post, I just want to remind all of you that the 5-yellow star lies in the center of your home for 2013.  The reason for the reminder is because the 5-yellow star is the most problematic among all flying stars.  It can cause health problems and cause occupants to be prone to accidents.  I want to make sure that you remember to remedy the negative star.  The 5-yellow star prefers quietness and idleness over constant actions.  Do not start a renovation in the center of your home this year.  If it is possible, avoid too much actions for the area.  If the center of your home is a high traffic and high action area, you must remedy the 5-yellow star.  You may use old metal keys and ring them often, or you may use a handwind music box and wind it often.
If you are the owner of a company or the head of a corporation, your office location is very important in the Feng Shui of the company.  Ideally, you should find out what element you belong to, then find an office building to build your office according to your element.  For example, if you belong to the element metal, the office entryway should sit on the east and faces the west as the west represents the element metal.  Once you find such ideal office location for your company, you may find the "life generating" area (by using the eight mansion method) and use the area as your office.  To further enhance the good fortune for your company, you may place your work desk according to your element. In the example above, you may place the desk facing the west within your office area.
Nowadays, many children are lucky to have their own bedroom.   Parents of course would want the very best for their children in every way.  So let's look into some Feng Shui points for the children's room.
1)  The room must be bright and well lit, otherwise studying becomes difficult.
2)  Windows curtains should not be pink, red, or black, it would be hard to concentrate on studying and prone to daydreaming.
3)  Do not place the head of the bed underneath the air conditioner or fan.  This might lead to headache and ear pain.
4)  Do not use dark red color flooring in the children's room.  This might lead to hyperactivity and temperamental.
5)  Pattern of wallpaper should not be too busy, because the child would be more interested in playing all the time.
6)  The ceiling color should be light color.  Do not use dark color, otherwise will lead to tiredness and lack of energy all the time.
7)  Children's room should be kept clean and neat, otherwise they would become lazy and slow to finish any task.
8)  Children's desk should not face the bathroom, they would have problem keeping up with their study.
9)  The back, right, or left of their desk should not face the door, because they might lose interest in studying.
10)  Do not put the head of children's bed towards the door, this might lead to poor quality sleep.
The Feng Shui of your house plays an important of your possibilities of a love relationship, or simply just meeting new friends.  There are a few possible Feng Shui negatives to this situation. 
1)  Is your bedroom in the basement level? If yes, this might be the reason why you haven't met someone yet.  Basements are below ground levels which means they are Ying chi heavy.  Over long period of time spent in the basement will make you feel like a loner.  Your luck in the love and people relationships will be minimizied.
2)  Is your bed full of stuff?  If yes, you should consider cleaning up your bed.  Space in your bed represents your luck and chance of relationships, be it love or just meeting more people.
3)  Does your house have a courtyard in the middle of it?  If yes, chances are you would have a tree or at least some plants in the courtyard.  This situation is also not ideal for relationships.  The reason is trees and plants belong to the element wood while a house belongs to the element earth (wood is in the center surrounded by earth).  The wood element kills the earth element.  Therefore, possibilities for new relationships are slim.
4)  Is your house located in a remote location without neighbors around you? Or, is our bedroom located especially far away from the rest of the family members' bedrooms?  If yes, this might be the reason why you haven't found a relationship or able to meet new friends.  The sense of isolation in this situation contributes to the lack of luck in the relationship department.
Flowers can add so much color and live to any room in which they are placed.  Lets talk about flowers placements today. 
1)  Living room - is where friends and family gather.  A glass vase of decent size with bright color flowers is suitable for placements in the living room.  Bright color flowers give a feeling of excitement and will bring much live to the room.
2)  Bedroom - is where resting takes place.  To achieve the balance of the room, you should choose to contrast the decor of the room.  For example, if the wall color and decor are in the cool family, select warm color flowers for the room.  Ceramic or wood are suitable materials for vases.
3)  Dining room - is where eating and socializing take place.  It is recommended that flowers are placed in the middle of the dining table, so everyone can enjoy them.  However, It is not recommended that the vase or the center piece be too tall as it will obstruct everyone's sight.   
4)  Office - is where working or reading take place.  It is a good idea to use a calming color vase with flowers that also deliver a feeling of calmness.  Keep in mind that if an office is small, do not use an oversized vase.  On the other hand, if an office is large, then you may even select a vase that is suitable to be placed on the floor.
5)  Kitchen - is where food is prepared and cooked.  It is recommended that you select plants which are simple and easy to take care.  Do not choose plants that easily attract bugs.  It is also a good idea to use vegetables and fruits as arrangements.
6)  Bathroom - is where cleaning takes place.  By placing some flowers in a bathroom will instantly inject live to the room.  Just choose flower arrangements according to size of the room.